Personal Stories

Changing Course: Finding New Passion after Concussion
Out of the Darkness
Team Up Against Concussions in Ireland
PCS Recovery Corner with Julia
Alan Blyweiss Thumb
From Punches to Poems: Alan Blyweiss' Story
Living with PCS While Social Distancting
Suffering in silence: The Colin Meany Story
Matthew Benedict Concussion Legacy Foundation
Matthew Benedict’s One Last Goal
Lisa McHale Why CLF Thumb
#WhyCLF | The People Behind the Cause
Jared Crippen Concussion Legacy Foundation
Losing Jared: A mother's mission in the wake of tragedy
Probable CTE
Born on Super Bowl Sunday
Living with CTE
Coping with Probable CTE: Steve Miller's Story
NHL Hockey
"You can't tough out a concussion."
Adrian Arrington
Embracing Epilepsy With An Epic Mindset
Coping with Tragedy and Finding Our Mission
Lynn Kleyer
Teammate of the Year: Lynn Kleyer
Losing my son: PCS, CTE, and Drug Addiction
Battling PCS: Erin's Story
Athletes: We Should Support Concussion Research
Esther Lovett's Post-Concussion Syndrome Blog
Dillon Abend Thumbnail
Hockey, Hits, and Hope
Matt Collier US Army
How my brain pledge will help other Veterans
Football in America
Football In America
Jenn Miller Concussion
Racing Toward Concussion Safety
sydney demasi teammate of the year soccer
Teammate of the Year: Sydney DeMasi
Carlijn Schoutens' Olympic Comeback
Mighty Meredith
Audrey Warner Thumb
Hockey Was My Identity
Stephanie Everett PCS
Onstage: My Silver Lining
BJ Catalon
My head hurts
Brent Sullivan
My Concussion Story: Enough Is Enough
Claire Lapat
Concussions changed the trajectory of my life
Angela Ruggiero USA Hockey
Leading by example, Angela Ruggiero pledges her brain
Sylvia and John Thumb
Sylvia Mackey on New York’s John Mackey Act
Elana Taylor Jumpsuit thumb
Olympic Bobsledder Raises Concussion Awareness
Football Changed My Life
Noah and Wes Bond Thumb
Resilience Award: Two Teens Fight Post-Concussion Syndrome
Michael Corneau
My Battle with Post-Concussion Syndrome
Mack Gentry Teammate of the Year
Teammate of the Year: Mack Gentry
Former Pro Surfer Mercedes Maidana's new mission
Simran Kohli Thumbnail
This Wasn't the Plan
Ambassador Spotlight: Kaila Parker
Drew Karly Mulligan concussions hockey
My Legacy: Karly Mulligan
Lily Winton concussion
Recovering from Post-Concussion Syndrome
Kathryn Bertine Thumb
My Legacy: Cyclist Kathryn Bertine Pledges Brain
Cameron Hughes Rugby Brain Pledge
Our Legacy: Providence College Rugby's Pledge
Molly Tissenbaum Thumb
My Legacy: Molly Tissenbaum Pledges Brain
AJ Griswold Mleczko USA Hockey Olympics
My Legacy: AJ Griswold Pledges Brain
Steve Murra Rugby
My Legacy: Jennifer and Steve Murra, a rugby story
Dave Behrman
My Legacy with My Dad, Dave Behrman
A High Schooler Speaks Up Against Concussions
Jim Proebstle Headshot Thumbnail
My Legacy: Football, CTE and Unintended Impact
Tom McHale
My Legacy: The Story of Tom McHale
My Legacy: In Memory of Owen Thomas
My Legacy: Nancy Hogshead-Makar Pledges Brain
My Legacy: Brandi Chastain Pledges Brain
My Legacy: Matthew Fier
John and Sylvia Mackey
My Legacy: John & Sylvia Mackey
My Search For Peace of Mind
A High Schooler Lessens the Impact of Concussions
My Legacy: Graham Thomas
My Legacy: Eric Winston
My Legacy: Gary Fencik
Finding bravery: a day by day journey
My Last Concussion in Hockey
A Mom on Return To Learn
Recovery, Persistence, and Baseball
Brandi Chastain on Safer Soccer
Gracie Hussey
Cindy Parlow Cone
Adam Koeppel
Daniel's Dash Memorial Run

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