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The Concussion Legacy Foundation is determined to usher in positive change on a national scale. The effort to solve the concussion crisis is no small task, but a national, collective effort gets us closer each day. Our programs are designed to educate and protect athletes at both the local and national level. Campaigns to make youth athletes safer build concussion awareness among parents and coaches.

Flag Football Under 14

Flag Football Under 14 was launched in 2018 to educate parents on the benefits of waiting to enroll their child in tackle football until age 14. Tackle football has been played for nearly 150 years, but only in the last 10 years has the scientific community begun investigating its long-term effects on the brain. The initial research is so concerning that until tackle football is proven safe for the developing brain, we urgently recommend parents only enroll their children in flag and other non-tackle versions of football before age 14. See what Hall of Famers and football stars support Flag Football Under 14, view the All-Time Greatest Team of players who didn't start tackle football until high school (which includes the top five players all-time), and read the Flag Football Under 14 White Paper at

Team Up Speak Up

There are 44 million youth athletes in America. On National Team Up Speak Up Week, we want as many as possible to hear a simple speech. The core message: that athletes have a responsibility to report to a team leader if they notice concussion symptoms in a teammate. Whether you are an athlete, coach, parent, medical professional, administrator or fan, you can help us lead this culture change by making sure this speech is given on your team or in your community. Take the pledge to let us know you'll play your part and #TeamUpSpeakUp to fight concussions. 

Media Project

The CLF Media Project is the first and only concussion reporting training curriculum for sports journalists and journalism students. The program trains sports media members how to cover concussions with accuracy and confidence through a Certification developed by some of the best sports journalists in the industry. Equipped with crucial concussion reporting lessons such as to not say “ding” or “bell-ringer”, or to never label a concussion as “mild”,  sports media members can teach the public about concussion management guidelines simply by reporting to their massive audiences. See which sports media members are Concussion Reporting Certified, check out our Collaborating Schools of colleges teaching the Media Project curriculum, or browse our Media Toolkit to learn valuable concussion reporting lessons.

Project Enlist

The mission of Project Enlist is to accelerate research into the long-term consequences of brain trauma among military Veterans so we can better understand and treat TBI, CTE and PTSD. Project Enlist acknowledges the incredible sacrifices made by those who have suffered injuries while in service to our country, and the special attention they deserve. Through Project Enlist, we are recruiting brain pledges from the military community to support research and raise awareness of the need for additional investments in Veteran support services. Learn more.

Gracie Concussion Challenge

The Gracie Concussion Challenge calls on fighters from every discipline and martial art to take control of their brain health. We launched the challenge with Rose Gracie of the legendary Gracie family that developed Brazilian jiu-jitsu and founded the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). The Gracie Concussion Challenge addresses the urgent need for research into brain trauma in the fighting community and the need for fighters to get educated about concussions and CTE. Fighters are challenged to pledge to donate their brains to research and to learn how to reduce their risk for Post-Concussion Syndrome, Second Impact Syndrome, and CTE. Learn more.

Safer Soccer

The Concussion Legacy Foundation partnered with the Santa Clara University Institute of Sports Law and Ethics (ISLE) and U.S. Women's Soccer legends Brandi Chastain, Cindy Parlow Cone, and Joy Fawcett in 2014 on the Safer Soccer campaign to eliminate soccer headers prior to high school. Since that time, dozens of new supporters – from additional World Cup Champions, to powerful sports organizations, to youth leagues and clubs – have joined in support of Safer Soccer. In November of 2015, the campaign saw a major victory as U.S. Soccer announced a series of safety initiatives aimed at addressing concussions in youth soccer, including rules that will strictly prohibit players 10 and younger from heading the ball, and will reduce headers in practive for 11 to 13-year-old players. Learn more

In-Person Education

The Concussion Legacy Foundation delivers in-person education to constituents across the country. Team Up Against Concussions is a free 30-minute concussion education program for students in grades 4-12 utilized by schools, community centers and athletic programs. Trained volunteers educate student-athletes about concussions through discussion, video, and interactive games, teaching them that successful athletes play hard and play smart. Learn more about Team Up Against Concussions.

For a more in-depth concussion education program, we offer Advanced Concussion Training. It is a 60- to 90-minute comprehensive concussion education seminar for coaches, teachers, medical professionals, families, and athletes beyond the high school level. Using curriculum developed by Concussion Legacy Foundation co-founders Christopher Nowinski, Ph.D. and Dr. Robert Cantu, each seminar provides the information and inspiration to play safer sports through a multimedia presentation provided by trained staff. Learn more about Advanced Concussion Training.

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